M+ Factory Replica Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Ceramic Watch

Last time, M+ factory published several Tudor replica watches and successfully attracted your attention, their quality is really good and price is affordable, just in last week, M+ announced that three new replicas will be available soon, two of them are Bell Ross, one is Tudor, three watches have a good quality, actually in my memory, the quality of replica watches made by M+ factory can be accepted by most people, it is very high, but price is very affordable, the most famous watch from this factory is the Pilot of IWC, they do not make too many replica watches, but every time the new timepieces from them will catch my attention.

Let me talk about the Bell Ross BR03 replica watch with an aeroplane on the dial, this is a limited edition from Official Bell Ross and it looks special, however, I do not like this watch, it is not my style, if you only have two or three watches in your collection, absolutely you won’t consider this watch, it looks like a toy watch to me. But this is absolutely a high-end replica, with every aspect 1:1 copied from the original. The entire case is ceramic made in matt finish, I tear down the case and back, M+ said that these case parts, including the screws, can be interchanged with that of original watch.

There is a big aeroplane on the black dial, the nose of that plane pointing to the hours, the hand with an arrow-shaped tip is minute hand, which has white luminescence being applied on the arrow-shaped frame, in the dark conditions, the dial has an amazing lume, it is very easy to read the time correctly.

The replica is equipped with a clone ETA 2892 movement that is developed by Sea-gull, we call it Sea-gull 2892 here, it is also a very stable automatic movement. M+ also offers one pair of black nylon straps for this watch, by the way, you can pay extra to ask the factory to install a SW300 movement for this watch, but I think it is unnecessary to do this. I trust the quality of replica from M+ more than the ones made by EW, GM and AR+.

M+ Bell Ross
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Replica Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass
Replica Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Ceramic
Replica Bell Ross BR03 Aeroplane
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Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Case
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Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Buckle
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Replica Bell Ross BR03 Ceramic

The latest news

VS factory just announced that they will publish the following replica watches soon, one Rolex, one Panerai and three Omega.

Rolex Explorer Two Tone
Omega Green
Omega Grey
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For the 126xxx series Daytona, I do not recommend the ones made by VS factory although they use a Dandong 4131 movement, but I do not think this is a perfect clone 4131 movement because its uni-directional winding rotor. Now it is said that they will also use Dandong 4130 movement in the 126xxx series Daytona because of the short stock of Dandong 4131, this is not acceptable, I would rather choose the one from Clean.

Clean factory just published the following two Rolex Explorer replica watches, in the past, three factories making them, including C+, GM and JVS, now just buy from Clean, these two Explorer from Clean are the best now because they use Dandong 3285 movement inside, this movement is only owned by Clean.

Clean Explorer

APS factory announced that they willl publish this Daytona 126506 replica watch, the movement in the watch will be Shanghai 4131, this Daytona is really a model that is being loved by a lot of people, many readers here have asked me if there is a super clone of it, I said no, but this one from APS factory is worth a try.