How about the Sky-Dweller from New N Factory?

Sky-Dweller, this is the most complicated Rolex watch, I read this from a watch review and I can’t agree more. About the replica Rolex Sky-Dweller, it had been popular for a short period of time when Noob still existed in the market, now, Noob has been closed for years, this replica has almost been forgotten by us, but there are still some people who usually ask me if there are super clones of Sky-Dweller. Today, I will share an article to talk about how is the quality of this watch from New N Factory.

About New N, I only know they produce two replicas, Daytona and Sky-Dweller, the watches come with a big ‘N’ protective cap and ‘N-904L’ sticker on the bracelet, which has adopted the pack of previous Noob’s. Some person said the New N Factory is operated by a relative of the boss of previous Noob, but I checked the replica Sky-Dweller made by New N, its finish has a large gap with Noob. For these Sky-Dweller shared below, I do not suggest you buy even they look good when you hold one in hand.

Besides New N, there is another factory named TW also makes the replica Sky-Dweller, but the finish is not as good as that of New N. TW has been in the market for many years, still not popular and only provides middle quality replicas.

The new Sky-Dweller with green face looks nice, New N factory makes a lot of Sky-Dweller replicas, almost every model you can find on Rolex website. I checked its functions, they worked, the bezel is rotatable but a bit loose, rotate the bezel, you can see the changing month display next to each hour marker, the red indicator. The circle on the center of the dial is a display of the second time zone, the triangle marker in red and white on the top is indicating the time of the second time zone. This circle can be adjusted through the crown, the time and date are also adjusted via the crown.

So, my suggestion is do not buy the Sky-Dweller replica watch from our market, none of them can be called super clone, even New N version has a good case and bracelet finish, but its bezel is too loose, which gives me a bad operation experience. Any way, I hope one factory can make a much better replica, perhaps this factory will be VS or Clean. But this won’t happen in next two years.

Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller Green
Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller Black
Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller Blue
Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller Two Tone Black
    Replica Rolex Sky-Dweller White

    Clean Factory New Blue Daytona

    Now in our market, there is a strange phenomenon, that is fewer and fewer new models are being published, why? I think the main reason is the more strict government’s policy against fakes. Every watch factory is afraid of being caught and raided. Now, according to my observation, only VS and APS publish new watches from time to time, it usually takes a long time for other factories including Clean usually to publish a new model. Today, the blue Daytona is made by Clean, it is a new model for the Clean, but not new to the market, because BT factory has published this replica.

    About the Daytona, if you want a super clone, actually I only recommend Clean factory, about the ones made by BT and APS, their quality still can not be compared with that of Clean. On BT Daytona, two places make the quality difference between it and Clean, the dial printings and the axis of the handset, Clean does better on these two parts than BT, while on other parts of the Daytona, the finish is almost the same. However about Daytona from APS factory, most people said their Daytona is made with 316L stainless steel.

    About version of Daytona from Clean, the black ceramic Panda Daytona 116500 is V3, the white ceramic Panda Daytona 116500 is V2, while other Daytonas made by Clean factory is V1. By the way, Clean does not make the Daytona with ice blue dial, only BT and New Noob make this Daytona.

    At last, please appreciate the pictures of the new Daytona from Clean.

    Replica Rolex Daytona Blue
    Replica Rolex Daytona Blue Dial
    Replica Rolex Daytona Blue Case
    Replica Rolex Daytona Blue Crown
    Replica Rolex Daytona Blue Bezel
    Replica Rolex Daytona Blue Bracelet
    Replica Rolex Daytona Blue Case Back

    Clean Factory Replica Rolex YachtMaster 226659 Falcon’s eye

    Replica Rolex YachtMaster Falcon Eye

    When talking about the YachtMaster 226659, it is one of the best-selling replica Rolex watches in recent two years. Genuine watch is made with platinum and solid, the replica is made with 904L stainless steel, there are still some people asking me if this replica can be made with solid platinum, I said impossible, if a replica uses solid platinum or solid gold, then it is a Franken watch, which is sold at thousands of us dollars. About the replica YachtMaster 226659, now every one thinks the best one is made by VS factory, although a lot of factories are making this watch. Clean, GM, EW and VS make it, I can not say which one is the best because every factory has their own advantages, but the one from VS factory is indeed the most popular, among Clean and VS, I think most people will choose this replica from VS, but Clean really has a better bezel, and the movement inside from Clean is also a good clone Shanghai 3235, which also has almost 48-hour power reserve.

    Replica Rolex YachtMaster Falcon Eye 42mm

    Today, I want to introduce a new replica watch from Clean factory, it is also the replica YachtMaster 226659, but features a new dial, which is called Falcon’s eye. Genuine watch exists, you can find it on the official website of Rolex. About this new replica, now only Clean factory makes it. The dial looks special, the Falcon’s eye is a special material? Look at the pictures, they may be not obvious, but when you swing the watch, the dial will show you a special effect. That’s the only difference between it and the regular 226659 released before. The replica has a 42mm case diameter, it is about 13mm in thickness, the watch weighs about 120 grams, genuine watch is 160 grams, you can feel the weight difference when holding both in hands.

    Replica Rolex YachtMaster 226659 3235

    The ceramic bezel is bi-directional rotating and is satin-finished, it features high-gloss markers that form a high-contrast visual effect with the ceramic bezel base. The rubber band must be a big selling point on this replica, it has the most authentic construction to the rubber band used on genuine watch. And the movement inside is Shanghai 3235, which does not have that long power reserve like Dandong 3235, but Shanghai 3235 is still very reliable and stable because it has been tested for years in this field.

    Rolex YachtMaster Falcon Eye Crown
    Rolex YachtMaster Falcon Eye Case Back
    Rolex YachtMaster Falcon Eye Movement Accuracy

    VS Factory Replica Panerai Submersible PAM 1323 and PAM 1324 Navy Seals Special Editions

    I liked Panerai very much when I got an contact with the watches for the first time, those Panerai watches published in old times really have classic designs, they are still my most favorite watches, however, the new Panerai watches made in recent years always not on my aesthetic points, I do not appreciate them except some Submersible models like PAM 960, PAM 961 and PAM 1616. And I did not see some attractive Panerai models from their Luminor 1950, Luminor Marina and Radiomir series, this is really embarrassing.

    Today, I want to introduce two new replica watches from VS factory, now they are still not on the dealers websites, perhaps you have seen pictures of them on forums. These two watches are the replicas of PAM 1323 and PAM 1324, which are made by Panerai for the United States Navy Seals, so genuine watches are special editions and only offered in limited quantity. The two replica watches are super clones with correct case size and correct functions. Besides, both have attractive appearance.

    PAM 1323 is made with stainless steel, PAM 1324 is forged carbon made, I like PAM 1323 because I have been tired of seeing so many forged carbon Submersible watches in recent years. Both replica watches have a 44mm case that is measured to be 15mm in thickness. PAM 1323 has a weight of 160 grams, while the forged carbon PAM 1324 is only 126 grams, both are equipped with black rubber band and GMT movement P.9011.

    For me, the uniqueness of the two watches lies in their dial, which has a striking yellow color and a special small-second subdial. The dial of PAM 1324 even uses the carbon material. The small-second subdial at 9 o’clock looks like a rudder. The yellow color usage on the dial is bright and enhances the dial readability, by the way, the GMT hand has a thin black stem and yellow arrow-shaped tip, the GMT hand works and can be adjusted through the crown.

    The high-end black rubber band is made with natural and high quality raw rubber material, no bad smell and is well durable. At last, I want to say that the dial is PAM 1323 is gradient charcoal black.

    Panerai PAM 1323 Replica
    Replica Panerai Submersible Navy Seals PAM 1323
    Replica Panerai Submersible PAM 1323
    PAM 1323 Stainless Steel Case
    PAM 1323 Dial
    PAM 1323 Crown Bridge
    PAM 1323 Case
    PAM 1323 Case Back
    PAM 1323 Buckle
    PAM 1324 Carbon Dial
    PAM 1324 Carbon Bezel
    PAM 1324 Replica
    Panerai PAM 1324 Replica
    PAM 1324 Carbon Case
    Panerai PAM 1324 Crown
    PAM 1324 Case Back