APS Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 126506

A lot of people have asked for a super clone of this new Rolex Daytona watch, however, there is no really a super clone here til today, even APS factory just published the replicas of the two new Daytona with ice blue dial and crystal back. I do not know why Clean stops releasing new watches, I have not seen a new replica coming from them for months, this ice blue Daytona is really a good chanc to widen the gap between them and VS factory, we know VS always wants to catch up with Clean in Rolex field, they launched the Daytona project last time, but I am afraid that this project will fail, not too many people are interested in their so-called Dandong 4131 Daytona.

For this new Daytona 126506, together with the Le Mans Daytona special edition, if a factory can make super clones of them, then they will occupy a market share that is next to that of Clean in Rolex field. Currently only QF and APS have made good replicas of the Daytona with crystal back, but none of them can be called super clones, they are just good replicas. I always do not recommend that Daytona from QF, but these two from APS factory are worth buying, their dial color is better than that of QF, the ice blue color is closer to that of genuine watch. I do not trust the Dandong 4131 movement, which is not as strong as Dandong 4130 used in old Daytonas, the Shanghai 4131 used by APS is ok, I prefer, however, the clasp on both Daytona from QF and APS has a flaw, the side with engravings should be sand finished, while it is polishing. I really hope Clean can bring us the super clone of the new Daytona with crystal back soon.

Replica Rolex Daytona 126506 Ice Blue
Replica Rolex Daytona Ice Blue Diamond

VS factory is in danger

Now I am just kidding, hope this danger never find them, however, VS factory has published a lot of new replica watches in the past months, while their competitor Clean is relatively quiet, so it is easy to be targeted again since the last raid that happened in last month. We hope VS can offer us the best clones in future and become the legend in this industry.

Today, I want to introduce four new replicas just released by VS factory. Three of them are Omega Planet Ocean 600m watches, and one is a Panerai PAM 1391. Four replicas are all super clones. The three Omega are different from each other in dial color and bezel color, there are grey, green and khaki color options, I like the green one, it seems like the green one is a great summer color. Three Omega have a blasted ceramic bezel insert and rubber band, they are equipped with 8900 movement, which is one of the most famous and most stable super clones movements coming from VS factory, much better than the movement used in the replicas of their Omega Seamaster 300m.

The new Panerai PAM 1391 is a special edition, made for Luna Rossa Team, it belongs to Panerai’s Submersible collection, not too many things worth being talked about this replica, quality is always as good as other Panerai watches from VS, it is a special edition and has some unique features, if you do care the Luna Rossa name and the color of the band, there are also many other good quality Submersible replicas from VS, they have published a lot in recent two years, especially the ones made with forged carbon material. PAM 1024 is the one I love most.

Replica Omega Planet Ocean 600m Ceramic Grey
Replica Omega Planet Ocean Ceramic Green
Replica Omega Planet Ocean Ceramic Khaki
Replica Panerai PAM 1391

M+ Factory Replica Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Ceramic Watch

Last time, M+ factory published several Tudor replica watches and successfully attracted your attention, their quality is really good and price is affordable, just in last week, M+ announced that three new replicas will be available soon, two of them are Bell Ross, one is Tudor, three watches have a good quality, actually in my memory, the quality of replica watches made by M+ factory can be accepted by most people, it is very high, but price is very affordable, the most famous watch from this factory is the Pilot of IWC, they do not make too many replica watches, but every time the new timepieces from them will catch my attention.

Let me talk about the Bell Ross BR03 replica watch with an aeroplane on the dial, this is a limited edition from Official Bell Ross and it looks special, however, I do not like this watch, it is not my style, if you only have two or three watches in your collection, absolutely you won’t consider this watch, it looks like a toy watch to me. But this is absolutely a high-end replica, with every aspect 1:1 copied from the original. The entire case is ceramic made in matt finish, I tear down the case and back, M+ said that these case parts, including the screws, can be interchanged with that of original watch.

There is a big aeroplane on the black dial, the nose of that plane pointing to the hours, the hand with an arrow-shaped tip is minute hand, which has white luminescence being applied on the arrow-shaped frame, in the dark conditions, the dial has an amazing lume, it is very easy to read the time correctly.

The replica is equipped with a clone ETA 2892 movement that is developed by Sea-gull, we call it Sea-gull 2892 here, it is also a very stable automatic movement. M+ also offers one pair of black nylon straps for this watch, by the way, you can pay extra to ask the factory to install a SW300 movement for this watch, but I think it is unnecessary to do this. I trust the quality of replica from M+ more than the ones made by EW, GM and AR+.

M+ Bell Ross
M+ Tudor
Replica Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass
Replica Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Ceramic
Replica Bell Ross BR03 Aeroplane
Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Crown
Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Case
Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Case Back
Bell Ross BR03 Gyrocompass Buckle
Bell Ross Logo
Replica Bell Ross BR03 Ceramic

The latest news

VS factory just announced that they will publish the following replica watches soon, one Rolex, one Panerai and three Omega.

Rolex Explorer Two Tone
Omega Green
Omega Grey
Omega Kakhi
Panerai 1391

For the 126xxx series Daytona, I do not recommend the ones made by VS factory although they use a Dandong 4131 movement, but I do not think this is a perfect clone 4131 movement because its uni-directional winding rotor. Now it is said that they will also use Dandong 4130 movement in the 126xxx series Daytona because of the short stock of Dandong 4131, this is not acceptable, I would rather choose the one from Clean.

Clean factory just published the following two Rolex Explorer replica watches, in the past, three factories making them, including C+, GM and JVS, now just buy from Clean, these two Explorer from Clean are the best now because they use Dandong 3285 movement inside, this movement is only owned by Clean.

Clean Explorer

APS factory announced that they willl publish this Daytona 126506 replica watch, the movement in the watch will be Shanghai 4131, this Daytona is really a model that is being loved by a lot of people, many readers here have asked me if there is a super clone of it, I said no, but this one from APS factory is worth a try.

VS Factory Replica Rolex Air King 126900 with Super Clone 3230 Movement

VS factory announced that they will publish this new Air King replica watch several weeks ago, now this replica is finally available. VS did not have the real super clone 3230 movement in the past, the Oyster Perpetual Rolex replicas made by them directly adopt their most famous 3235 movement, but there is a date adjustment position left for the crown for all replicas with 3235 movement, so people will know it is not a real 3230 if they just operate the crown. However, this new 3230 is a super clone 3230 movement that is independently developed by VS factory and solved that issue completely, this super clone 3230 is completely independent of that 3235 that is also from VS, it is the best 3230 you can find in the market.

For this Rolex Air King 126900 replica, two other watch makers produced it, they are JVS and Clean, both use Shanghai 3230 movement, not like this super clone 3230 from Dandong that has a longer power reserve, which is more than 70 hours. However, is this Air King from VS really better than the one made by Clean? I do not think so, but the movement is better, perhaps the movement stability is better and power reserve is longer. However, I checked the bracelet on both watches, Clean version has a much better stainless steel bracelet, it is said that Clean uses the same OEM that made bracelets for AR in the past, while on the VS version, the bracelet has a bit loose links. Here at last I will share some pictures of the VS 126900.

Replica Rolex Air King 126900
Replica Rolex Air King 126900 VS Factory
Rolex 126900 Replica
Rolex Air King Rehaut
Rolex Air King Crown
Rolex Air King Clasp
Rolex Air King 3230 Movement
Rolex Air King 126900 Wrist Shot

New movements coming soon

Shanghai 4401

Not sure which factory will develop it, VS? I do not know, but it is said that this clone 4401 movement will have a genuine flyback feature, it will equipped by AP 26240 or 26239.

Dandong RMUL

It is said to be the best RMUL movement used in super clone Richard Mille, perhaps developed by APS factory, or BBR? I do not know, and the movement will have about 120-hour power reserve and will be equipped by RM055 and other models.

Shanghai 3132

Will be equipped by the AP Skeleton 15407 made by APS factory, I am very sure APS will install this movement in the V2 edition of their AP 15407, this AP is also a very popular replica watch in our market, at that time, perhaps APS will also share the movement with ZF watch maker.

When will be the V2 Edition of AP 15407 released by APS? I am very excited now.

My Top Three Recommendations

I know you guys are looking for the best super clones, I have introduced a lot on my blog, here today I will talk my best three, they have three common features, super clone movement, super finish and not-easily-broken movement.

The first one is Daytona 116500LN, the so-called Panda Daytona here, made by Clean factory, actually all Daytona replicas made by Clean have a great quality, the Daytona 116500LN is the best one. Not Submariner and Datejust, it must be Daytona 116500LN from Clean, some customers have movement issues on the Submariner, but I have not heard that they have issues on the Daytona made by Clean, the movement is Dandong 4130, which is very stable and has been tested for many years, so Daytona 116500LN is my number one recommendation.

The second one is AP Royal Oak 15400, made by APS or ZF, both are ok. For the introduction of factories background, I have talked about the relationship between APS and ZF, the movement 3120 inside Royal Oak 15400 is developed by APS factory, it is also a super clone movement that has a high stability.

The third watch is Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 that is made by 3K factory. This is the best super clone Patek 5711 you can buy online, because of its 324/330 movement inside. This movement developed by 3K makes the case thickness closest to genuine watch. 3K also made several updates on the watch, especially on the movement, to reduce the noise of the rotor.

These three are the best of best, to buy your first super clone, each of them can become your first choice. Why do I only recommend these three watches? Because they can really work for many years, a lot of customers have bought tons of replicas, but only these three have the fewest or even none issues.

VS Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 126500

In last week and this week, all news in our market were about the Daytona 126500, first, BT factory published the Daytona 126500 replica with Dandong 4131 movement, later SB factory, which is also VS, published the Daytona 126500 replica with SL-4802 skeletonized movement with no engravings, you can see the movement picture below, absolutely a naked no-brand movement, but VS sells the Daytona with this naked movement at a very affordable price.

And yesterday, VS factory just published the Daytona 126500 replica with Dandong 4131 movement, which features all brand information, it looks so beautiful, please check the following pictures. Many peopole are excited and happy when VS factory announced the release of the Dandong 4131 Daytona, it seems like they are very sure this Daytona coming from VS will be much better than the one made by Clean, but I do not think so, it is the first time for VS to make replica Daytona, while Clean has been in this area for many years, it is not wise to make a quick decision to buy this Daytona from VS, if this is really a threat to Clean, Clean will reduce the price of their Daytona, so please wait. Many reviewers also said this Dandong 4131 is much better than the Shanghai 4131, yes, I admit its decoration on the plate is better, but the stability and accuracy still need to be tested, it is not like the Dandong 4130.

Pictures of VSF Daytona 126500 with Dandong 4131 movement:

Replica Rolex Daytona 126500 Dandong 4131
Rolex Daytona 126500 Dandong Crown
Rolex Daytona 126500 Dandong Case
Rolex Daytona 126500 Dandong Bracelet
Rolex Daytona 126500 Dandong Case Back
Rolex Daytona 126500 Dandong 4131

Q Factory Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans with 4132 Movement

Many people are interested in this replica watch, in our market, only Q Factory makes this replica, the Rolex Daytona Le Mans edition, while Q Factory has two different versions for this replica, one has a gain weight, the other is a version with regular weight. The watch has a case diameter of 40mm, if measuring its bezel only, the size is 38.5mm, the case thickness is about 11.9mm. The replica uses a see-through sapphire crystal on the back like genuine watch, the front crystal is also sapphire, the black bezel is ceramic made with steel ring around. The movement inside is a clone 4132, which is a Shanghai 4132, more clear, it is a Shanghai 4131, the factory just changed the name on the plate and made decoration. The golden auto rotor should be more attractive if being finished better. I do not think Clean will make this replica. It is a huge market, because more and more people want the super clones of these Daytona with see-through crystal back.

I want to share some news at the end, the special price on Daytona made by APS is still going on, I heard that they will stop the production of Daytona after selling all of them, if you want a super clone Daytona at a very good price, just be quick. There will be better Richard Mille replicas coming out in this year, and super clone Audemars Piguet with chrono movement, perhaps made by APS factory, I am very excited now.

Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans
Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans 24 Hours
Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans Black
Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans Paul Newman
Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans Movement
Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans Weight
Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans Watch