The Best Golden Rolex Day-Date Watches Come from CR Factory

A lot of people like golden Rolex, so does my father, I have given him several pieces of yellow gold and rose gold Rolex watches, he still loves them very much, he wears them every day. For people who usually bought golden Rolex replica watches, they usually care about three things, first, is the Rolex made by a big factory? Second, will the gold layer fade easily? Third, is the movement inside good? Today, I will give you guys a brief explanation to those concerns, and tell you the quality of golden Rolex watches in our market.

Almost all famous factories make golden Rolex replica watches, like Noob, AR, BP, they all have their golden Rolex watches collection, and these factories all claim it is 18K gold plating, I do not know what 18K means, they did not tell us how thick the gold plating is, while we mostly concern this. So, here comes the question, are the golden Rolex watches good made by these famous factories? My answer is not very good. Take Noob and AR for an example, although both factories make good quality Rolex replica watches, and their golden Rolexs are also in good quality, but their main advantage is not here, they can offer you good Rolex with top quality case finish, better dial details and stable movement, but the gold layer is thin, and it will fade when time goes by. So, not every good Rolex replica is coming from those famous factories.

About the second question, will the gold layer fade easily? I must say yes. Whatever factory the golden Rolex comes from, its golden layer will fade. However, if you just ordered a Rolex watch from Noob, you can ask your supplier to increase the thickness of gold layer in the market, that will not cost you too much. Every golden Rolex from Noob or AR does not have a thick gold layer on the surface, if you want to get one golden Submariner or Sea-Dweller with thick gold layer, you need to order from VR factory, Noob, BP and AR are not good choices for golden models.

However, if you like a golden Rolex Datejust or Day Date, where to get the best one? Noob does not make Datejust and Day-Date now, or you need to wait for a long time for them to release their stocks. How about golden Datejust from ARF? Maybe the quality is good, but gold thickness can not achieve your requirement. So, here I only recommend CR factory. Maybe few people know CR, because it has a Chinese name “长荣”. However, this factory has a history that is even longer than Noob, next to BP. When I entered this field ten years ago, this factory already existed.

According to my experience, the quality of their golden Rolex Datejust and Day-Date is always very stable. Besides its thick gold coating on CR Rolex, here comes the third question, is the movement in CR Rolex stable? I must say the movement is very stable. CR is one of the several watch manufactures in our market that used real Swiss ETA movement in their Datejust, for example, they can install a Swiss ETA 2836 movement in the 36mm golden Datejust. Check the following collection of their Day-Date 40mm models, they are equipped with A3255 automatic movement, that will also meet the requirement of many people.

In conclusion, do not put all your focus on Noob, AR and other big famous factories, if you have special requirement on the ordered Rolex watches, you can seek advice from me, I am also willing to help you.

Replica Rolex Day Date 40mm 18K Rose Gold Watch

8 thoughts on “The Best Golden Rolex Day-Date Watches Come from CR Factory”

  1. I’m very interested in this watch. CR Factory is in Chinese as you mentioned previously. Is there an email.

  2. I recently ordered the yellow gold, gold dial model. Fasted shipping I have ever seen. Hands down Susan is the best. No nonsense honest. If you buy anything buy from her.
    This is not a bias and I don’t get any benefits from this review. I just star the facts been buying replicas for years and best experience I’ve had.

  3. Hi Please could you give me a price for a CR gold day date. With either the hood face or the silver face. Thank you.

  4. Hello, I see that you sell watches too?

    I’m interested in a BP fa Tory submariner wrapped in 18k, trustytime and Kuversit both have quoted me -1500 range.

    Could I purchase through you ? I can be called a new collector, of sorts of rep rolexes. I just realized that reps are available and have quality. Your website is impressive with managing consumer perspective. Very impressive.

  5. Hi there I would like to buy day date automatic watches please contact me and provide me with pricing for an all gold and an all silver or all white gold day date watch. thank you

  6. Hi, I am interested with the rolex daydate yg white face by cr factory as shown in your review. May I know the thickness of the watch and its other specs. How can I buy this watch?
    Thanks and more reviews…

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