Q Factory Replica Rolex Daytona Le Mans with 4132 Movement

Many people are interested in this replica watch, in our market, only Q Factory makes this replica, the Rolex Daytona Le Mans edition, while Q Factory has two different versions for this replica, one has a gain weight, the other is a version with regular weight. The watch has a case diameter of 40mm, if measuring its bezel only, the size is 38.5mm, the case thickness is about 11.9mm. The replica uses a see-through sapphire crystal on the back like genuine watch, the front crystal is also sapphire, the black bezel is ceramic made with steel ring around. The movement inside is a clone 4132, which is a Shanghai 4132, more clear, it is a Shanghai 4131, the factory just changed the name on the plate and made decoration. The golden auto rotor should be more attractive if being finished better. I do not think Clean will make this replica. It is a huge market, because more and more people want the super clones of these Daytona with see-through crystal back.

I want to share some news at the end, the special price on Daytona made by APS is still going on, I heard that they will stop the production of Daytona after selling all of them, if you want a super clone Daytona at a very good price, just be quick. There will be better Richard Mille replicas coming out in this year, and super clone Audemars Piguet with chrono movement, perhaps made by APS factory, I am very excited now.

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