VS Factory Replica Panerai PAM 1616 Carbotech Submersible with Super Clone P.9000

Replica Panerai Submersible CarboTech Watch

This is the second Carbotech watch I have seen in this month. The first is PAM 979, this watch has a reference PAM 1616. Both are the latest Submersible models Panerai published in 2019 SIHH. Now you can find good quality replicas of both in our market, it is really lucky for us. VS is always the first factory to make the replicas once there are new Panerai watches published each year, yes, I admit that VS factory, whose previous name is KW, has a long history in making replicas of Panerai and can always bring us surprise in this field.

Replica Panerai Submersible PAM 1616
Replica Panerai Submersible Blue

Like Submariner 116610LN and Daytona Super Clone 4130 for Noob factory, VS factory also has their own iconic models, such as PAM 441, PAM 438, PAM 382, etc. I think this PAM 1616 will also be on this list.

This replica uses real Carbotech material like genuine PAM 1616. The case is big in 47mm and 17mm thick, but the whole watch does not feel heavy just because it uses this lightweight carbon material. The case, bezel and lugs all have unique prints. The bezel has blue pearl and blue markings between 0 and 15.

PAM 1616 Crown Bridge
Replica Panerai PAM 1616 Carbon Case

Compared with the blue color usage on this PAM 1616, I prefer the white and black on PAM 979. Actually I do not like this style, the blue applied on lume bezel pearl and hour markers and hands makes the watch a bot show off.

On black dial, the hour hand and minute hand are skeleton, there is blue lume coating on the tip. The blue lume coating applied on hour markers and hands is thick and can make them have a long-lasting superlume in the dark. Like genuine PAM 1616, the replica has two different lume light on the dial.

PAM 1616 Case Back

About the movement, it is super clone 4130, I can say it is completely custom made by VS factory, this movement has become the pround of VS factory, with it, all PAMs replicas can completely achieve the full functions of genuine Panerai, including GMT, which works as accurate as genuine, also adjusted like genuine, this is unbelievable.

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    1. Smaller? Unless you are a chick (which Im 99% sure you are not, ..Eric…. You def do it wanna get a “midsize” case dimension. They suck at holding their value, while a real full-size case holds it til the end of time. I sold my real full-size men’s stainless and 18kt Yachtmaster that had the black MOP dial (black mother of pearl) <— my ex-girlfriend said that particular MOP dial was so sexy it would get her lady-bits rather moist when I had it on. Now that's a dial! I paid $8,890 for it when brand new back in 2008 and I almost exactly got the same amount four years later when I regrettably sold it in it's pristine, not a scratch to be found on it condition.. .the midsize version of that same watch took a $800+ hit. Unless you a small dude w tiny wrists, get the 40+mm case size watches. Cause demand is for the full-size cases. I see hot model type chicks wearing men's 40.mm Submariners and even all 18kt President's too around town here in LA.

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  2. Hi . I am interested in this series of Panerai replica watches. VS Factory Replica Panerai PAM 1616 Carbotech Submersible with Super Clone P.9000…

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