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Recently I had the pleasure of owning a watch from Susan. Firstly I have to say Susan is an expert in the replica watch market and always assures near perfect 1:1 clone replica watches. I purchased a Rolex DJ41 with sunburst blue Dial paired with oyster bracelet. The factory was VSF. I have to say, it was 1:1 clone of the external dial and bracelet.

Attention to detail was the date window and the cyclops, which most factories do not get it right. Either the date font or the date magnification is wrong, and some factories like Noob still cannot get the AR coating on the date window correct. With the VSF DJ41, date window was perfect. Then we go to the sunburst blue dial, which I must say they got it almost right. The LEC coronet on the dial glass was also done right by this factory. The quality of the bracelet was also near perfect with 904L stainless steel. I have to point out the fluted bezel of this DateJust 41 was of the correct width. Usually the other replicas

was thick, which does not match with the genuine fluted bezel. Also the sparkle on the flutes were as if it was like the genuine 18ct white gold. The case thickness also matches with the thickness of the genuine unlike other factories which are thicker. Now coming to the quality of the clasp, its like the genuine where Oyster bracelet features the folding Oysterclasp with Easylink 5 mm comfort extension link. The direction of the hour and minute hand during time setting is very important to note. In the new 3235 movement, both the hour and minute hand moves clockwise, when you wind the crown anti-clockwise. The attention to all these details was done by Susan with patience during the order and QC check which Susan doesn’t compromise. I trust Susan will always procure the best watch for me even if she takes time. And I always allow her to take her time in selecting the watch.

I cannot thank her more.

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  1. Good day Susan.

    I am interested in the JSF 41/36mm, fluted bezel and jubilee bracelet, and the 41mm submariner black bezel.

    May I know their prices with shipping to Singapore.


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