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Chazingtime is a trusted dealer in forums of,, but is this dealer really trustable? I do not think so.

Like I said before, almost all trusted dealers listed in those forums are from China, including Chazingtime, whose website now is, in the forum, the dealer said that they are based in Singapore, that’s not true, they are from China, I know the boss of chazingtime, he is not in Singapore, but in Foshan city, Guangdong Province of China. I am very sure because I met him before, Chazingtime has a sales team, which promotes factory’s products on their website and forums, actually chazingtime and intime share the same sales team, have you checked their websites, the watches photos are the same, only with different logo, and the prices are also the same on each website.

I met the boss of Chazingtime before, you would not believe that, but I did not lie, he had an office in Guangzhou watch market, yes, like other trusted dealers, he had a very close relationship with watch factories, sometimes he was a nice guy, the watches on their website are indeed from Noob, J12, AR, GM, BP, etc., but that does not mean chazingtime is still trustable. From the beginning of 2020, more than three readers on my blog said that they got scammed on chazingtime, they ordered on that website and never received watches, and they contacted them but the administrator never replied, so, that’s problem, every one on the forums said their trusted dealers are most trustworthy, but I do not think so. Then why the administrator did not ban chazingtime on the forum? This is not fair for other dealers and our clients. The only reason to explain is there must be a benefit relationship between these TDs and the forums.

Now, there are many bad reviews about chazingtime, but I still saw many people in the forums standing on the side of them, how do you think? This is absolutely the money power, the forums are in the charge of some TD, maybe Puretime I said before, if you check carefully, on these forums like and, there is only banner ads of Puretime. The virus must affect the business of Puretime greatly, if not, they will not promote their website in such a direct way. At last, I want to say, now the virus almost ended in China, shipping also becomes normal, welcome you guys to place your orders.

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  1. hi
    can you recommend a trusted website to buy off please . ive looked at so many now im confused . i would like a hublot classic fusion
    many thanks

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