About Coronavirus and watch factories

The Coronavirus is horrible, it started in January, 2020, it is Feb 16th now and the virus was just basically under control. Not many people died in Chinese cities except Wuhan, I do not know what caused the virus, most experts said it is bat. I think, maybe the batman flew across the pacific and brought the virus to our country, just a joke, do not mind.

Fortunately I am not infected with this virus, so are my friends in the watch factories and shipping companies. Say thanks to my friends abroad, thank you for your concern. On Feb 1st, I got a fever and headache, I thought I was infected, but after being checked in the hospital and cured, they said I just had a bad cold, thanks god, now I am very heathy and ready to back to work.

About watch factories, Noob, AR, ZF, GM, GF and others have already back to work, they accept orders now, so you guys can place your orders with me. About shipping service, due to the virus, my shipping company can only accept fake goods shipment after Feb 20th, so I think the shipping service will become normal after Feb 20th. My clients also ordered some watches during the holiday, do not worry, I have already ordered your watches from the factories, when I got them, I will take QC photos for you guys and arrange shipment immediately after Feb 20th.

2 thoughts on “About Coronavirus and watch factories”

  1. Hello, i have a watch page where we sell replica watches. We range from AAA, Clones and super clones.

    Are you a supplier from the factories? if so can you tell more information about the prices, what watches you can supply and the full details thanks.


  2. Hello!

    I’m very interested in ordering a Noob Rolex Daytona 116500LN (white dial).

    May i know how much it will cost and shipping to Singapore?

    Thank you

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