Four new Daytona models released from Noob

Now factories are going to spend their holiday, you guys need to be quick if wanting to order some watches, based on past experience, some watch factories will not leave for holiday before Jan 20th, so you still have a lot of time to decide which watches to buy, please email me if you need advice.

Just in last week, there is a big news coming from our market, that is Noob added four new products to their Daytona collection, now, customers have more choices when they have decided to buy the best Daytona watch in the market. Please see photos below, these four new models are in stainless steel, each has a different dial color, which is in black, white, blue and grey. Absolutely they share the same technical details as the latest V3 Daytona of Noob.

They are made with 904L stainless steel, the movement inside is a super clone 4130, which is the most important creation Noob is proud of, due to this movement, the case of Daytona from Noob is reduced in thickness, which is only 12.5mm, very close to the thickness of genuine Daytona, the weight of the entire watch is also very close to genuine.

Just confirmed with the factory, the four new Daytona models still have some stocks, but I think they will be soon out of stock because Noob Daytona is so hot, for some yellow gold or rose gold models with rubber straps, you need to wait almost one month for Noob to release the stocks. However, for popular models that have frequent sales, like ref. 116500 ceramic with black dial or white dial, Noob keeps a large stock, if you need the latest V3 edition of Daytona 116500, please email me. Now, let’s appreciate the artworks from Noob.

Noob Rolex Daytona 116619 Black Dial
Noob Daytona Black Dial
Noob Daytona Black Dial
Noob Daytona Rolex Crown
Noob Daytona 904L Stainless Steel
Rolex Daytona SS Case Back
Rolex Daytona Noob Clasp
Rolex Daytona SS Clasp
Noob Factory Rolex Daytona Black
Noob Factory Rolex Daytona Blue
Noob Factory Rolex Daytona Grey
Noob Factory Rolex Daytona White

5 thoughts on “Four new Daytona models released from Noob”

  1. I am seeing advertisments about a Noob Factory V8 daytona…Is that good information or is it just some vendors exagerating what they have to sell? Last I heard was they had a v3 of that style watch and that the bezel, dial and bracelet were inferior to ARF’s latest daytona. If there is a V8 from Noob, why skip v4, v5, etc…?

  2. Dont get me wrong…the pics u posted looked amazing but a rep daytona will probbly b the next watch i buy and i wanna know if im gettin the latest and best version possible at this present time.

  3. Hi
    Thank you for your reviews and comments. Can you recommend the best replica shop for the Rolex Daytona. I would like to get two silver ones, one with a black dial and one with a white dial.
    I have been review the Noob, but there are so many.
    Thank you and hope to read more of your reviews.

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