VS Factory Rolex Watches in Stock

Now VS factory has become more normal than before, ordering watches from VS now takes much less time, especially ordering Rolex watches including Submariner and Datejust, what makes us more excited is that VS starts to unveil new models now, the forged carbon Submariner DiW models are the latest releases from VS factory, they are very popular. By the way, having recovered from the raid, VS now has more watches in stock, especially their Rolex, but about their flagship products like Omega Seamaster and Panerai, we shouldn’t expect too much, the recovering production of their Omega Seamaster and Panerai seems very slow, but I think it will be back to normal soon.

Today, I want to share you some Rolex watches that are usually in stock from VS factory, these Rolexs are mainly Submariner and Datejust 2. Actually these Rolexs are all available from Clean factory, and you can get them quicker than ordering from VS, but a lot of people still insist in getting a Rolex from VS, why? Not because Clean is much better than VS, I did not say VS Submariner or Datejust is the best Rolex in the market, the only reason why many people choose VS Rolex is because of their movement. Whether the 3135 in 40mm Submariner or 3235 in 41mm Starbucks Submariner or Datejust 2, VS factory claimed their movements are the best in the market, and with a long power reserve up to 72 hours, I did not test the power reserve of their 3135 or 3235, I think it is hard to reach 72 hours, even some good movements from Sea-gull can not achieve such a long power reserve. But I believe that the watch can work accurately in two days after being fully winded once. The following Submariner and Datejust from VS are now in stock.

Submariner 116610LV
126610LN Black
126610LV Submariner
Submariner Two Tone Blue
Submariner Two Tone Black
Datejust 2 Black
Datejust 2 Blue
Datejust 2 Gray
Datejust 2 Two Tone

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