What is 原单?

You guys must use wechat very often, a lot of friends in your accounts come from China, you added them just because you wanted to get some luxury items at good prices, some of them selling clothes, some selling shoes and some selling watches, when you check their moments in wechat, you will usually see a Chinese word 原单. If you know a little Chinese, you may be easily cheated by this word. About the meaning of 原单, you may have heard several versions, the one you have heard most is that it means real or genuine. While I must tell you 原单 is not real or genuine.

This word firstly appeared in clothing field, now you can see many dealers using it in some watches. Before giving more introduction, I want to say 原单 watches are not genuine watches. In our market, 原单 is a watch factory. The watches they make are absolutely replica watches, but in high quality. 原单 factory has a long history of more than ten years, the replica watches made by this factory must use original Swiss movements, yes, that’s the truth, real Swiss. About eight years ago, when these watch factories like VS, V6, BP, KV made replica watches with copied ETA movements, 原单 factory has been offering Swiss movements replicas for a long time. Now 原单 factory is taking a different development path from those popular manufacturers like VS, ZF and Clean. The former uses real Swiss movement, the latters use copied movements or in-house super clone movements. Which one is better if comparing them? Actually if you care the movement more, I recommend the replicas from 原单 factory. However, this factory does not make all replicas, they only make a small number of replica watches. The watches which 原单 factory copies are usually those with Swiss movements as base movements, for example, why do you see many 原单 IWC and Tag Heuer, because many IWC watches use Swiss ETA 2892 and ETA 7750 as their base movements, while a lot of Tag Heuer watches use SW200 as base movement. 原单 factory can not copy those watches that use the movements independently developed by the brands. For example, you can not find a 原单 Rolex Daytona with 4130 movement or a 原单 Rolex Datejust with 3235 movement.

Ok, having talked a lot of things about 原单, hope you can understand and do not be scammed, in watch field, it means a factory, and it makes some replica watches with original Swiss movements, not genuine watches.

At last, I share two beautiful Tag Heuer watches made by 原单.

Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 Green
Replica Tag Heuer Formula 1 Red